Travel and Kindness

For anyone who is an avid traveller, I’m sure they can argue endlessly as to the myriad benefits of travelling. Maybe it’s personal growth, that human need we seem to have, the need to “find oneself” an opening of the eyes to the diversity and beauty that can be found the world over. So many different cultures and people that have so much to teach us, so many valuable lessons we have yet to learn. Well, those arguments are valid enough for me, and I hope that I have not only learned a lot from my travels, but that I have also learned to apply those lessons to my life.

As a history student, so much of what I study seems to focus on the negative aspects of humanity, the violence and cruelty, the suffering endured by so many. So in my travels I feel the need to find and focus on the small kindnesses that are often experienced daily, but often ignored. It can be as simple as someone holding the door open when you’re still twenty feet away, or maybe homemade soup from a newly made friend, it can even be those few extra dollars slid into your pocket as you begin another trip, or the free ride to train station. Whatever it may be, these small acts of kindness are more keenly felt, more meaningful when one is far away from home. My hope is to not only be exceedingly grateful, but also to pass on these small bits of kindness as often as possible. Hopefully that will be my greatest argument in favour of travelling.


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